Community Membership Code of Conduct

Women on the Rise



  • One Mic-One person speaking at a time.

  • Step Up Step Back-If you talk a lot we invite you to step back and listen if you are a person that don’t talk a lot we invite you to share.

  • Respect Each Other-No cross talking or talking out of turn.

  • Parking Lot-If you are not speaking on the subject being discussed it will be placed in the Parking Lot and discussed at a later time.

  • All Phones on Silent-unless in an emergency.

  • No Loud and Disrespectful Behavior that disrupts our meeting and mission.

  • Treat each other with respect & not allow our differences to divide us.

  • No Racism, Sexism, Homophobia nor Transphobia in our language or interactions with each other.

  • No calling of each other out of their name.

  • We recognize that we are the experts of our lives and we honor each others lives!


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Show Your Support!