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Benefits of being a Member of Women On the Rise

By joining Women on the Rise you will be a part of a movement of WOMEN who believe in fighting for and demanding dignity, integrity and JUSTICE for all.

  • Being part of a powerful group of women with backgrounds who are changing the world!
  • Directly impacted members choose the campaigns we work on.
  • Receive a Women on the Rise T-shirt (with paid dues of $20 when signing up.)
  • Receive a Membership Card (at orientation within one month of signing up.)
  • Special invites to actions & activities also many exciting learning opportunities.
  • Opportunity to tell your personal story to law makers.
  • Free training & traveling with high quality leadership development opportunities.
  • Create exciting fun fundraising events.
  • The ability to tell your own powerful story.
  • Access to all of our calendar events.
  • Direct access to an advocacy team who will support your needs.
  • Direct access to a team who will support you in finding resources.


How Do You Become a Member?

⦁ Read and agree to the Mission, Vision, Values/Principles, and Goals of Women on the Rise:

Code of conduct

⦁ Attend an orientation session or 1on1 with a Women on the Rise organizer the first month of signing
up to become a member (over the phone or in person). Please schedule when you complete this form.

⦁ Contribute by:


⦁ Paying $20 annual membership dues


⦁ Volunteer 5 hours of your time to Women on the Rise for outreach, phone banking, presentations, actions etc.
⦁ Recruit 1-2 dues paying active members.

⦁ Agree to attend at least 9 monthly Membership meetings per year.

⦁ Agree to 2 hours/month of Women on the Rise service work



Harriet's Daughters
We are the governing force that drives Women on the Rise. (Harriet’s Daughters, WoR Advisory Group)

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