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Women on the Rise & 100 Women Rising fight against injustice in the criminal ‘justice’ system.


Get Involved

Though we are women-led, membership is open to anyone who is impacted by the criminal ‘justice’ system and believes in the mission of the organization.

WoR is working to change the political, social, economic and cultural landscape for women in Atlanta and Georgia.  Our primary emphases are to:

  1. Reduce the number of women in the web of the criminal ‘justice’ system in Georgia by 50% in five years
    No New Jail Beds
  2. Close the Atlanta City Jail and use savings for comprehensive services for the community
    Closing the Jail
  3. End discriminatory and inhumane policing including practices of racial profiling, police brutality and sexual assault and exploitation
    Justice for Alexia Christian
  4. End Private Probation/Parole and eliminate excessive fines and fees for low income and unemployed women
    Rights Restoration
  5. Fight for a pre-arrest diversion program in the Metro Atlanta area
    Pre-arrest diversion (PAD)
  6. “Ban the Box”  End employment & housing discrimination against people with records by eliminating the question on applications asking about criminal history
    Ban the Box
  7. Put an end to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and all oppressions that harm our communities and keep us from achieving justice for all!

WoR is working to build a powerful base and is primarily supported financially through private foundations and membership dues and contributions. Membership is open to anyone who is impacted by the criminal justice system and believes in the mission of Women on the Rise.


  • Members will receive a Women on the Rise T-shirt
  • Members are expected to attend regular monthly meetings and campaign actions
  • Members are expected to participate in fundraising
  • Members are expected to participate in strategic planning and campaign actions
  • Membership dues are $20 a year (If you are unable to afford dues, see other options below)

Click HERE for the Membership form

Members who can’t afford to pay membership dues are asked to support the organization in one of the following ways:

  • Recruiting two-three active members each year
  • Volunteering 4-6 hours per month with Women on the Rise
  • Supporting Canvassing and Outreach efforts
  • Pitching in to help build the organization

Get Involved

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