Support Women Returning Home from Prison


Women are released from jails and prisons every day without the knowledge or access to resources to help them transition back into society. Women on the Rise knows this transition isn’t easy, so we’re here to support women as they take the first steps out the prison gates with our Welcome Home Package.

Included in the Welcome Home Package is:

  • A 30-day MARTA Pass to assist with transportation for job hunting
  • A $50 Walmart gift card for personal hygiene products and a set of clothes
  • A $50 gift card to the grocery store for food
  • Funds for immediate housing opportunities
  • A Welcome Home Resource Book with additional resources for women returning from prison
  • Information about Women on the Rise’s monthly support meetings

As formerly-incarcerated women ourselves, we know what it means to come home from prison worse off than when we went in.

Your contribution will go directly toward supporting women as they return from prison and will help Women on the Rise build our base of formerly-incarcerated women ready to tackle the injustices that sent them there.


With gratitude,

Women on the Rise

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