Recent Work

Recent Work & Accomplishments

WoR Accomplishments include:

October 2013:
Though our core group has been meeting for nearly one year, we held our first Membership Meeting On October 26th and had more than forty women attend.

September 2013:
Women on the Rise joined 9 to 5’s Ban the Box Campaign, the Georgia Justice Project and ABLE to host ‘The Real Effects of a Criminal Record’ which drew over 100 participants and created space for those with records to share and learn new advocacy tools for success.  In addition to helping plan the event, we also facilitated a workshop called “Organizing for Power and Restoring the Rights of Formerly Incarcerated People.”

September 2013:
Women on the Rise was invited to present to the Governor’s Office of Transition, Support and Re-Entry to share our suggestions for statewide policy changes that would improve the lives and opportunities of formerly incarcerated people.

May – October 2013:
Engaged and interviewed over 200 women impacted by incarceration in through our Community Survey process that helped us identify the most pressing needs of formerly incarcerated women and women with criminal convictions.

Feb. 2013:
Women on the Rise led the charge to prevent the City of Atlanta from passing an ordinance that would have banished those convicted of street level sex work.  The Solutions Not Punishment (SNaP) Coalition was born from this effort.

October 2012:
Women on the Rise helped anchor a community speak out on criminalization at the Auburn Research Library.  ‘Breaking the Chains’ brought over 100 directly impacted community members, several city council members and county commissioners together to talk about the devastating impact of mass incarceration and to develop solutions to these challenges.

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